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Man Has The Ability to Sense

Radiations & Vibrations

The energy dynamics and the different cultural expressions of energy relationships relates to the human body and healing concepts. This shows that energy imbalance always will precede that of signs, symptoms and syndromes of illness in the human body. Also the concept that human beings are directly influenced by the energies impinging upon them from their surrounding environment. It is the adaptability of the organism to these rhythmic fluctuations of environmental energies that determines the overall health of the body.

Man has the ability to sense many of the various forms of energy and fields that are found in the environment: mechanical (sound, vibration, manipulation, impact), electromagnetic (light, electron flow, magnetic fields, heat) and chemical (odors, tastes, acidity). All these forms of energy play a roll in human metabolic dynamics.

The types of energies in our environment that result from the pulsations of the Earth to those found in the Solar System.