About us


The ‘Prithwe’ is an International Institute for Traditional Architecture, Indian Green Design and Ecological Development.

The Prithwe institute will serve as an educational and experimental ground for architects and engineers who want to pursue higher education and research in alternative architecture system. Institute will offer advance study in 4 streams namely Indian Traditional Architecture, Geopathy as under earth science, Alternative construction techniques & Barefoot Architecture.

The principle subjects of the institute will be focused on healthy architecture and building. Involvement in art, music and spirituality will be incorporated in the curriculum for the holistic development of the students.

The institute provides opportunities to research and develop in innovative natural techniques where Vedic & Biological architecture is the main concern.

As a part of the institute, the site hosts various shows, event, experimentations and demonstration. Prithwe also educate science of permaculture and has speczific areas for organic farming, for food and medicine.

The architecture of the institute itself is based on Traditional vastu and bau-biology principles. It is closely connected with nature and so represents the very idea of ‘Prithwe’ as all key elements in an organic way to make the space itself an educational playground.

The building materials are exceptionally biologic. The natural approach is presented with the use of local stone, earth and bamboo.

The aim being to establish a totally off-grid campus, reinvent the underlying ethos of new architecture, reproduce own energy and harvest soil and recycle water.

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