Spiritual Vastu

Concepts and philosophies based on Vaastu

Vastu and Vaastu

The earth is the primary substance and this is known as Vastu. Out of the earth many forms are created, which are the manifestations of Mother Nature. These are called Vaastu. The surface of the earth is a plane upon which many objects are placed, such as buildings, sculptures, pools, towers and these are Vaastu.

In general any substance can become a form or a space for other substances to be placed upon. For example the earth becomes a Vaastu when we place a building or a Vastu upon it. The building in turn becomes a Vaastu when we place furniture within it and so on. In short, Vastu is substance or matter while Vaastu is the enclosing or supporting form or space.

Siddha and Asiddha

These two concepts are a part of all activities in traditional India. Land, water body, forest, tree, stone and other forms, which are all naturally sacred or holy, are said to be Siddha. Land, water body, forest, tree, stone and other forms, which are not auspicious, or endowed with beneficial qualities are all said to be Asiddha. Just as there is the holy and the sacred there is that which is not holy and not sacred. Vaastu Purusha and Vaastu Purusha Mandala

The energy and form of both the land and the building: The cosmic being or Purusha becomes the visible world of reality and in so doing replicates the cosmic order on the earth. It becomes the Vaastu Purusha or the earth-being. Vaastu Purusha is the body on which every aspect of human activity is carried out. Whether we build a house, a factory, school, well, compound wall, tank or play ground, we are placing it upon the sacred body of the cosmic being that has come to reside with us. Every part of his body is sacred, with energies and characteristics that add to and enhance our life on earth. Therefore it is to him we bow in gratitude when we start upon any endeavour, and to him we offer our thanks through flowers and incense, minerals and metals, herbs and colours, amidst music and chanting.

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