Traditional Indian

Education & Knowledge!

Even as recently as the mid-twentieth century, the traditional mode of education and training was available for all fields of knowledge. It is only in the last 3 decades that we find a complete breakdown of the Indian traditions of learning.

Today there is specialization in every field wherein even the basic understanding of sister fields or diverse streams of knowledge is not stressed. As a result we find compartmenlising of knowledge and practice and an utter disregard for the sensibilities and concerns of other professional fields.

Indigenous learning focused upon a holistic appraisal of the universe wherein specific expertise was always located within the field of human reality, and the patterns of every day living. As a result, you had lawyers who knew mathematics and appreciated music as well as had an in depth knowledge into their own profession.

Practioners in various field needed to have a basic knowledge and understanding of other traditions so that their action could always be reviewed from the entire framework of human existence.

One of the most significant results of attitude towards learning and practice is the comprehensive nature of individual action. A shilpi understood the nature of materials, as well as the soil conditions for growth of good trees. He was equally concerned with the success of his design, and the maintenance of natural forest from which he took his materials for constructions.

In fact up till the 17th century the carpenter was also involved in the maintaining of forests, the designer was also aware of renovation and repairs.

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