The Architect : The Sthapati :

The name means
"Master of what stands or abides

The Hindu Temple

Vastushastra belongs to, and is applied astrology. Building is begun under favourable stars. They are consulted when the ground is taken possession of and when the rite of depositing the Germ of the temple is performed.

The regents of the planets and the stars have their allocation in the diagram of the temple and their images are carved on its walls. By them are regulated the measurement of the whole building and its parts; the life of the donor (yajamana) and the age of the temple too. The temple is built in the likeness of the universe and is its reduced image.

The architect of this world image, the temple, is looked upon as descended from, and in his sphere alike to, Visvakarman, who made all that exists in the universe. The architect in charge of the building is therefore generally called Sthapati. The name that means” master of what stands or abides”.

The science of architecture, called as a rule, Vastushastra, also named as Sthapatya Shastra veda. It is enumerated as an Upaveda, a lesser, applied knowledge subordinated to the Atharvaveda. As a ritual, architecture is more doubly linked with the primordial knowledge, the Veda.


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