Reinterpreting Vastu

What is Vastu?

Is it relevant to modern living?

This is an often repeated question. The answers are many.

When I began my journey into the rediscovery of our traditional roots about 18 years ago, the thought that used to recur in my mind was;

Why does something that is vibrant and alive need to be rediscovered at all?
Shouldn’t it only be a process of reinterpretation? But today I see that this was a redundant question.

Reinterpreting Vastu

When a culture and a civilization are ravaged by the beliefs and assumptions of one or more alien races, then the path of rediscovery is an unavoidable one. The nature of the traditional way of life would be either distorted or destroyed.

In India we must be grateful that the core beliefs, theoretical rigour and application of the Vastu Shastras are still available, though in a depleted form.

From the study of texts, dialogues with practitioners and field application of the concepts I have been able to reconstruct the overview of the Vastu Shilpa Shastras and give a guideline for present day application.

There is a great deal of resistance and deep feelings of distrust from the trained designers in the ‘modern institutes’ toward the assumptions and symbolism of the traditional paradigm. It is almost as if they feel threatened that their hegemony would be displaced.

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