Lecher Antenna & Vastu

The Lecher Antenna, Science’s Best Kept Secret

There are few instruments that unite the worlds of physics and metaphysics. The Lecher Antenna, possibly Science’s best kept secret, is one of them. Developed in the early part of this century by the German physicist, Ernst Lecher, this instrument was first used to measure the Earth’s magnetic field. However it was not until its discovery by Dr Rene Naccachian, that its potential was fully utilized in its understanding of how the human energy field functioned, and applying that knowledge to helping people heal naturally.

Because the antenna is a hand - held instrument, its use is referred to as dowsing by some. However, If conventional dowsing is like listening to music at a concert, then the use of the Antenna, allows one to be able to identify each instrument and the harmony it has with its fellow instruments. It is a method of quantifying subtle energy, which dowsing does not do.



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