We Loosing Connect To Our Own Self:

Does Vastu Have Any Impact On Your Life?

Museum of Lecher

Architect Mayank’s meeting with German Architect who worked with Lecher antenna in 1970’s for almost few decades and than came to conclusion that if we develop our basic instincts, we don’t need any tool for energy measurement.

Are we in today’s polluted lifestyle capable of evoking the right use of our basic instincts?
Can we tune ourselves to the nature and become part of his connection.

Learning the tools such as Lecher Antenna, Dowsing rods, pendulum etc, is technology, which is essential to start with, but later it become obsolete as our body takes over.

Mental capacities, the right way to make the mind alive is to learn the esoteric systems based on the science.

With Professional training, eyesight, you can see harmony, formation balance, and confidence, which can achieve only when you work hard, Things are arranged, try and keep in touch with divinity in deeps, for going in heights its easy, but when you are in deep & accept in deeps is important.

Pro passivity is my practice, its realization, we like to take credit of all what we achieve, we are not doing anything, it takes so many years to realize, that you are just a medium its all arranged, in advance by the source.

I always used to find out good spots in architecture using lecher antenna and rods, but than my mind takes over.

When you are in deeps you are looked after & learning doesn’t ends, I normally work by doing & seeing, I just feel and than do it.

Setting of stones in nature fascinates me so much, and when checked it has followed golden section without actually.

When you look at the sky, forget to see the sky, we see infinity, why look for eternity, we are all surrounded by it.

Decay… you save… country Decay when not preserved.

History of man is equally important to reach the power of being and eternity, like study of nature. If we follow only tradition, we still would live in caves, but if we progress with history we would reach much ahead.