VASTU Times provides you with an opportunity to reach specific audience interested in subjects on, building science, health, well-being, construction technology, architecture & Indian vedic sciences.

Vastutimes EXPOSURE:


Vastu times monthly readership is nearly 1,50,000 readers all over the world.Most of our readers are regular subscribers, Libraries Private & in all major architecture, engineering colleges all over the world. Vastu , Astrology, Astrophysics, Vedic, Temples, & Ashrams Builders, Real Estate Developers & Construction Technology organization. Architecture Offices, Interior designing firms, Environmentalists, NGOS.


  • Direct Penetrations to highly educated & affluent section of society.

  • Direct Exposure to thousands of people visiting www.vastuworld.com and discussing vastu & architecture in all building science forums all over the world.

  • Permanent announcements to architectural & engineering college students which are numbered in millions.

  • Strong brand loyalty & high credibility of the magazine maintained since last 4 years & 45 issues.
Advertising Rates for Vastutimes Newsletter

Rates (INR)
Rear Outside 216 X 280 mm 15,000/-
Front & Rear Inside 216 X 280 mm 10,000/-
Full Page B/W 216 X 280 mm 5,000/-
Half Page B/W 110 X 275 mm 3,750/-
Quarter Page B/W 57 X 54 mm 2,500/-
Panel Adverts B/W 28.5 X 27 mm 1,375/-

All prices are in Indian Currency.

Send your artwork on CD in corel, format with full size, full color paper proof. Please include your company name in the subject line. Do label your artwork with company name, address, phone, fax, email & website.

Deadlines & Terms & Conditions:

  • Ad space reservations need to be received by the ad close date (30th of every month) for next month publication.

  • Artwork along with full payment should reach us on or before 30th of every month.

  • Vastutimes may refuse any advertisement which are not in line with the sprit of magazine.
For detailed information, please contact us at info@vastuworld.com

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