About Us

Dear Vastuworld Guests:
Since 2000, 13 years Vastuworld has been helping people organize their houses and workplaces with the energy & vigor that have been missing.

Vastuworld is a Research & Educational organization with team of Business family dedicated fully in exploring impact of environmental energies on human health.

about us

Architecture by the Architect is what we follow & preach, Vastuworld’s Chief Architect says “ If we are talking about Architecture as sacred as Vastu, the only authority should be architects, no body else can understand the energetic vibrations of building better than a trained Architect, just to remind you the science of architecture was invented by Vishwakarma who was world’s first qualified Architect. We use our background of Architecture as the Key factor while practicing Vastu- Building material, Building system, Building Compatibility & Building Energies are few of our expertise.

Vastuworld is a first global center creating symbiosis of Traditional Indian Vedic building science and Modern French/German bau-biology. At Vastuworld our sole motto is to create energetic compatibility between your body & your immediate environment to reduce Stress. We have a list of activities, which you can opt and help yourself, we guide you on your way to achieve the best of your capabilities.

www.vastuworld.com is the dedicated and weekly updated elaborate knowledge bank to learn this divine Indian building science.

Vastu Rectification is the programme, which enables us to learn your body & your space, further we guide you how to maintain the energy balance? How to stop energy drain & suctions below your feet when you are working & sleeping? How to achieve the living bliss and family harmony from your houses?

Vastu Education is the learning process, where you can master your own space, help others organize their environment and can even start a carrier being a vastu practitioner or building biologist.

The Vastuworld Academy now called as Prithwe.. Earth & us www.prithwe.com is technical workshops and research methodology institute, which forms the basis our corrections & rectification, Since last 13 years vastuworld has trained more than 300 students and initated online knowledges to more than 25000 individuals all over the world.

Vastutimes is Vastuworld's premier publications 122 issues and 11 years old, this monthly newsletter has readership of 1,50,000 readers all over the world. Vastutimes provides you with an opportunity to reach specific audience interested in subjects on Health, well-being, Building science, Construction technology, Architecture & Indian vedic sciences.

Vastu Store defines the solution practically by giving us list of products and medicines, publications, multimedia etc, which can guide you manage your space yourself. True to our roots, vastuworld remains committed to precision and quality while performing actions related to new designing & old rectification.

Vastuworld’s client lists includes India’s top builders and Industrialists, we are providing our services all over the country and across the globe too. To note few we have energized spaces for developers like Panchshil to industries like Hindustan Motors.

Best Regards,
Ar.Mayank Barjatya

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